Gerry Gleeson Dream Homes is an architectural service and project management practice with 40 years experience in the construction industry. As specialists in individually designed one – off family homes,  we have helped numerious families to realise their dream homes.

Throughout our career, we have generated a wealth of experience that you can access to guide you through the entire self-building process.  We’ll manage every stage of the process and always keep you involved in the decision making. This allows you and your family to take ownership of the process and it ensures that you receive your ideal dream home.

Gerry Gleeson & Sons dream homes LTD. has recently been formed to take account of our expanding client base & to ensure that which started small can maintain its core values as we expand & grow, providing a wider range of services.

What is Self-Build?

Self-build projects are where people decide to build a home to their own requirements and on their own site. People use building contractors or direct labour or combinations of these to build their self-build home. Our services make the process easier and less stressful for you and will save you time and money.

Why Self-Build?

Choosing to Self – Build your home means that you are in control and responsible for the full process. When you Self – Build your home, you are able to select your ideal location (planning restrictions apply), design your home to fit your needs, determine the size that it will be and the budget you have to make it happen. You can decide on the number and layout of rooms, the type of materials to be used and all other decisions which have to be made ensuring you achieve your dream home at the end of the process.

Working with you, we will make sure that your Self – Build home or building project is designed to match your dreams and within your budget. We can, if required organise and manage all aspects of the Self – Build process and we will coordinate all the different trades so that you can be sure that your home will be finished to the highest standard, at the most competitive price. This option is referred to as project management.

What Gerry Gleeson & Sons Dream Homes Can Do For You

At Gerry Gleeson & Sons Dream Homes, we want you to have your own dream home for your family. Getting each aspect of the self-build project right is essential to make your new build into the home you’ve always dreamt of for your family. And that’s where our service comes in.

We offer a full range of services that make your self-build dream home a reality. You can choose the specific services you need or include them all for a complete end-to-end project management package.

Planning Permission

If you are thinking about building your home then you are going to need planning permission. We can help you with this because we understand the Local Authority Development Plans and what the planning departments need to consider your application.  Using our service to navigate this process we can save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Building Drawings

Having detailed building drawings for each of the trades involved in your self-build is essential. These drawings make sure that the different trades have drawings relevant and specific to their part of the build.

Tender Process

If you use a contractor for your self-build project, we can manage the tender process for you.  This involves sending your detailed building drawings plus your specifications to several contractors and inviting them to tender for the project. We supervise this entire aspect of your self-build, making it as stress-free as possible for you and your family.

Site Inspection

Our site inspection service oversees the various phases of the self-build process. This is essential to make sure that each of the trades involved are compliing with specific requirements of the site and with regulations. The frequency of the site visits change and intensify as the project develops. These visits ensure that the build is brought in on time by minimising delays and overruns.

Interior Finishing Fitout

We can engage a professional Interior Designer to help advise and guide you to create the beautiful finishing elements of your self-build home. These design experts can help to turn your self-build house into the home of your dreams.

Stage Payment Certificates

When dealing with financial institutes to fund your self-build project, they need stage payment certificates at various phases of the build. These certs are evaluations of the works completed on site at various stages of the building process. They allow financial institutes to release funding when the property is built and valued to certain points of development.

Site Works Finish

We can arrange for the exterior of your self-build site to be finished to the highest standard with the services of an award-winning landscape Designer. They can advise on materials, colours, lighting and landscaping ideas to make the outside of your home as beautiful as it is inside.

Snag Lists

Completing a ‘snag list’ before signing off on completion of contracts is essential. This makes sure that all aspects of the project are completed to the agreed standard.  We generate a detailed and comprehensive list, with photographs, of any outstanding items that need to be fixed and finished.


Your self-build home needs to be fully compliant with the Building Control Regulations. To do this, it’s essential you receive certificates of compliance from suppliers and contractors. These certificates are a legal requirement and demonstrate that the materials used in your home meet the regulations. We oversee this process, making sure that the required certificates are in place upon completion of the build.

Waste Water Treatment

When your self-build home is not connected to the main sewer system, you need a wastewater treatment system. And our expertise in this area means that we can design and install waste water disposal units and percolation systems to meet your requirements.

Project management

Our flexible range of services means that you can select from our list of services you need to complete your self-build project. Alternately, you can engage us to fully project manage the entire self-build project.  Whether you’re using a registered contractor or direct labour, we can manage the project. This ensures your self-build project is finished to the highest standard, on time and within budget.