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I first met Thomas Grimes on a site outside Hollywood Co. Wicklow where he was providing machinery to the contractor. He approached me for my contact details and the rest is history. I now consider Thomas & Vera as two of our closest friends.

“Our company was employed to carry out groundwork’s on a site for a new house. We were extremely impressed with the design and layout of this particular house, which complemented the site so magnificently and were amazed at the acquisition of full planning permission in such a scenic area.

Our enquiry as to the designer-led us to Gerry Gleeson from Ballymore Eustace.

At that time we had our own controversial site requiring a well experienced and persistent negotiator with extraordinary design skills and capabilities to secure planning permission and do our site justice.

Gerry Gleeson was such a person and it was an absolute joy and pleasure working alongside him.

Ever the professional with his easy-going manner prioritising our satisfaction he manifested a meticulous, ambitious, unique plan incorporating our ideas through his own unique blend of novel suggestions. He skilfully engaged with planning authorities securing our exact desired site location and layout, directed and managed suppliers and builders, delivering a superb outstanding stress-free build for the entire duration of our project.

As the saying goes “you’re only as good as your last job”. This is certainly applicable in the case of Gerry Gleeson. Every project in which he has been involved and there are many that we are aware of, he has clearly treated as a foundation for the next project.“

Thomas and Veronica Grimes from Newcastle, Co. Dublin

Thank You:

Thank you Thomas and Vera for taking the leap of faith and persisting with me through the sometimes argious planning process. Good things happen for good people and this is surely true in your case ending with a beautiful home in a stunning location.


James and Amy McNeill purchased one of 3 sites in Ballymore Eustace which I had secured full planning permission on for Ezra Burkes late father Brendan (RIP) and his mother Kay. James inquired as to the possibility of achieving 2 houses on his site. The design was done, planning achieved and construction was completed by James as project manager.

“From start to finish having Gerry’s knowledge and expert advice was invaluable. Gerry took our ideas on board and gave us our dream home no drama or problems just great service. He was always on hand to answer the phone or to take questions. We could not be happier with the service we got .We would highly recommend the services of Gerry Gleeson to anyone thinking of building or extending.”

James Mc Neill & Amy Mc Neill

Thank You:

Thank you James and Amy for using my services. It was a joy to work with a couple who listened and took my advice. May you and your family have the health to enjoy your new home.


I had the great pleasure of first working for Ezra’s parents Brendan and Kay for whom I secured permission to construct 3 houses on their land at Broadleas Commons. Brendan sadly passed away RIP before work commenced on Ezra and Ruth’s new home. Supervision of this home was made easier by engaging a local contractor to build the house under a fixed price contract.

“At the beginning we had complications with the planning Department of Kildare County Council but Gerry was able to negotiate all the minefields that came our way. We were very impressed and more importantly pleased with the different ideas that he came up with for the design of areas in our house – vaulted kitchen ceiling with skylights and same on upstairs landing.

Gerry was only just a phone call away plus only a two minute drive so always on hand if an issue arose. We would easily recommend Gerry to all those who are thinking of building their own home as you only do it once.”

Ezra & Ruth Burke

Thank You:

Thank you Ezra & Ruth for being exemplary clients. I wish you both many years of happiness in your new home.


'When we started on the hunt for an architect, we met with a number of different companies. However, 'Gerry Gleeson & Sons Dream Homes' stood out to us.

From the start, they couldn't have done enough for us. We found it hard how to imagine our dream home but Gerry hit the nail on the head with the plans. We couldn't have asked for more, Gerry exceeded our expectations.

Throughout the planning process, Gerry was only a phone call away whenever we needed any answers and put our minds at ease. It didn't matter what time in the morning or evening. We were lucky enough to get our planning permission the first time round and no doubt that was up to Gerry and his attention to detail. We couldn't recommend him highly enough.'

Fiona & Mark

Thank You:

Thank you Fiona and Mark. It is what makes me love my job when you meet a young couple with ideas of what they want but no idea how plans should be put together on paper. You must listen carefully and then go away and think returning with proposals that can be put down on the table and begin the journey.


When we first met with Gerry to discuss getting planning permission and designing our house we knew he was the one to choose.

He has such a great knowledge of the planning process and what sort of design the council would favour.

During the design and planning process, Gerry was always fast to make any changes or answer any queries. After receiving planning permission we knew we wouldn’t have the time or knowledge to look after the build so we asked Gerry could he oversea and project manage it. This was the best decision because he deals with everything from organizing the trades, meeting them onsite and resolving any problems that arise.

Lisa & Alex

Thank You:

Thank you Lisa & Alex. To complete the journey from initial meeting through planning and onto project managing the build is extra special. The job is made easier when you work with a client like Lisa who is deeply embedded in the full process and anxious to learn. It's been a joy.


It's been two years since we met Gerry for the first time. We met at our site anxious and eager to pull the trigger after hearing stories about the local authorities' notoriously unnavigable guidelines.

We had hopes of an entirely personal home, presenting images of quirks and kinks we had accumulated from years of cataloging features we had seen before. Some of those features were abruptly taken off the table as we learned what was achievable and what was not. We were worried but Gerry had our vision and dream always in his mind. The land was awkward, our needs were awkward and countless obstacles stood in our way. With Gerry at the helm, we felt assured at every step and we cleared each hurdle with a reserved calm and optimism for the next. Gerry was never more than a phone call away. When we finally got our letter granting our planning permission, we found ourselves shocked with what we had achieved. We had a plan we loved. We had a plan that became far more personal than any combination of stolen features we thought we wanted. We had a plan that was us. On that piece of paper was our future home. Gerry, Michael and Alan are so much more than professional, they are realistic, they are determined, they are attentive and they are passionate.

Michael & Tracy

Thank You:

Thank you Michael & Tracy. If passion drives you, let reason be the reins.